Briquette Machine Manufacturers

Briquette Machine Manufacturers

Briquette machine manufacturers are companies that take part in the supply of machinery and equipment necessary for the production of briquettes, which are among the basic construction equipment in the construction and building sectors. When the briquette industry is considered as a chain from the main product, the briquette, to the company that produces it, machine manufacturers are the link in the middle of this chain.

Briquette machine manufacturers can produce different machines for different types of briquettes needed by the industry. As Globmac, we offer options that will give the best results with our different machine and equipment solutions to the machines needed by the companies we supply briquette machines.

Briquette Machine Manufacturers

First of all, if you need to define the briquette;

It is a building material produced as a result of compressing and shaping this concrete by using molds of different structures, after obtaining a kind of concrete by mixing aggregate, cement and water in certain proportions.

Briquette making is a complex process consisting of several stages. The most important factor in this process is the machinery used in making briquettes, as well as the material from which the briquette is produced.

For these reasons, the supply of a briquette machine, which plays a one-to-one role in the quality of the briquette, is also important.

The company that produces the machine determines the quality of the machine, which directly affects both the quality of the product and the smooth use of the machine for many years.

Globmac Concrete Parquet and Briquette Machinery Manufacturing, operating in Ankara among the briquette machine manufacturers, is one of the leading brands of the sector that produces quality machines in the market.

Briquette Machine Manufacturing

Since briquette machines are machines that process hard and heavy materials such as sand, aggregate and cement in general, they must be resistant to impacts and abrasions that may come from both the outside and the inside. Therefore, briquette machine manufacturing is a process that requires high technology and engineering. There are some qualifications that companies should pay attention to in the process of choosing and supplying the briquette machine. These;

  • How long has the company been operating in this industry?
  • Models and features of the machines it produces
  • Works cited by the company as a reference
  • After-sales spare parts and service support
  • Investments made in the R&D unit

Qualifications such as these are the points to be considered in the supply of briquette machine. As GLOBMAC, we are always with our business partners at the point of need for a briquette machine, as a trusted company in the sector, which has been producing machines such as paving stones, borders, briquettes, tile stones in various shapes and sizes for many years.

Briquette Machine Types

Briquette machines are machines used in the production of various briquette models. By using different molds, briquettes can be produced in desired sizes and shapes. Thanks to the briquette machines, they are the machines that can be preferred in the production of curbstone, interlocking briquettes and hollow briquettes. GlobMac produces briquette machines with three different production features.

“Manual Briquette Machine”

  • Manpower is required during production.
  • It is suitable for use by companies with low production.
  • 800-1000 briquette stones can be produced in an average of 8 hours.
  • Manual briquette machines are generally used in countries where the manpower cost is low.
  • It is suitable to be used by newly established companies with low production intensity.

“Semi-Automatic Briquette Machine”

  • Manpower is needed at least during production.
  • As a minimum, it is a facility that is formed by the combination of mixer, conveyor belt and machine trio.
  • Optionally, bunker and cement silo can be added to the facility as needed.
  • It can be used easily thanks to the hydraulic piston and arms.
  • The products that come out manually are sent to the drying areas by manpower.

“Full Automatic Briquette Machine”

  • It is suitable for use by companies with high production.
  • It has the capability of producing 24 hours a day.
  • It can produce 10000-12000 pieces of briquettes by working 8 hours on average.
  • It works by fully automatic PLC systems.
  • No manpower is required during production.

Briquette Machine Prices

Briquette is one of the most used building materials in building and construction fields today. The machines used in the production of these products are briquette machines. Briquette machines are powerful machines produced using high technologies. One of the issues that new investors who want to establish many briquette plants are wondering about is the prices of briquette machines.

The prices of briquette machines vary according to their production capacities and technical features. A clear price list cannot be found due to the addition or removal of different optional features in line with the demands of the customers. As GLOBMAC, we have been manufacturing machines that produce products such as briquettes, paving stones, curbstones in different shapes and sizes for many years. As a trusted company in the industry, we are always with our business partners at the point of need for briquette machine. You can reach us from our contact addresses to get detailed information about the prices of our briquette machines.

Briquette Machine Manufacturers