Brick Making Machine

As the name suggests, brick is produced by using raw materials such as cement, small stone, sand, slag with brick making machine. Compared to the machines used in the production of briquette, which are widely used in the construction industry, brickmaking machine is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. That is why our customers who plan to buy brickmaking machines have gradually increased in recent years due to the advantages of the machine. For this reason, briquette block production is one of the profitable methods in the construction sector and has become remarkable over the years.

Types Of Brick Making Machine

According to the automation principles, brick making machine can be defined in two different categories:

  • Fully automatic machine
  • Semi automatic machine

The fully automatic brick making machine is controlled by a mechanism that operates in accordance with the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) principle. Plc Principle makes production process more accurate and safe.

The machine produces bricks and blocks in three different output size which are small, medium and large. Depdnding on the output size, brick making machine is again divided into three different types. There is a difference in production capacity between these types, as each type  of machine has different output. Our scale of models is available on our website for you to choose the most suitable machine according to the type of brick to be produced.

Equipments Of Brick Making Machine

When it comes to the production of building elements, the brick has become popular day by day and has started to take its place on the top. There are many different kinds of bricks in the market with a various kind, size and quality. For our customers who plan to invest in a brick making machine, we serve our all machines producing in high quality. This is our customer-oriented working principles.

So, how can the quality difference between brick making machines be distinguished? Here are 3 features that a good brick making machine should have:

  • They should be able to produce a variety of products to meet different aesthetic requirements.
  • Both fully automatic and semi-automatic machines with the personnel requirements offer different options according to customer demands.
  • According to the type of brick to be produced, the machine should give the opportunity to make bricks in various molds and sizes (solid bricks, hollow blocks, cement blocks etc.).

Note: Bricks, which are produced with brick making equipments, can also be used for asphalting floors where they are suitable for use.

Production of  Eco-Friendly Brick

GLOBMAC prefers waste materials (crushed stone, mine, carbide slag, etc.) as raw materials in the production of brick, concrete and briquette. And machines developed in accordance with this recycling philosophy contribute to renewable production by supporting the use of waste materials. With the implementation of this manufacturing program, our goal is to save energy consumption and to minimize environmental damage.

GLOBMAC Factor In Production Of Brick Making Machine

GLOBMAC, which has never abandoned its principles of product satisfaction, offers a perfect process to its customers with pre-sales / at sales / after-sales support services with its international reliability. Before buying anything, you need to know all details of sales process. You can contact our technical personnel and engineers for any questions you may have.