Bim Production Facility

Bim production facility is an industrial system where bim stone, the raw material of the construction sector, is produced. Thanks to this facility, bim production can be done in a fast and high quality way. Thus, labor and time are saved and construction projects can be completed earlier.

Bim production facility produces bim by mixing water, aggregate and cement and pouring them into molds. These plants are suitable for large-scale construction projects thanks to their high production capacity. Different stones can also be produced by changing molds and materials with bim machines.

Bims Üretim Tesisi

Pumice stone formed as a result of volcanic movements is also used in bim brick making. Bim, which is a very light building material, is very successful in sound and heat insulation. In this respect, it has been widely used especially in recent years. In addition to being lightweight, bim is also known for its durability and is resistant to physical and chemical factors. For all these reasons, it has become an important raw material used in construction projects.

Bim briquette machine types are as follows:

·         Manual Bim Briquette Machine

·         Semi Automatic Bim Briquette Machine

·         Automatic Bim Briquette Machine

Bim Production Facility Cost

Bim production facilities are produced in models with different capacities. Old model Bim machines were generally manual and had low production capacity. However, in recent years, semi-automatic and fully automatic bim machine models are more produced and preferred. Semi-automatic and automatic machines increase production efficiency by saving time and labor.

How is Bim production done?

The main raw material of briquette is pumice stone. Pumice stone has a spongy and porous structure. Thanks to this structure, it provides heat and sound insulation. It is also known that this stone is quite durable.

The production stages in Bim facilities are as follows:

– Pumice stone, which is crushed into small pieces in crushing and screening plants, becomes aggregate.

– The mixture of aggregate, water and cement is taken into the hopper of the plant and mixed homogeneously.

– This mixture is poured into molds of the desired size and shape and compacted.

– The stones in the molds are dried and their structural integrity is ensured.

Bims Üretim Tesisi

What are the advantages of the Bim machine?

Concrete blocks, concrete pavers, briquettes, cobblestones and paving stones can also be produced in the bim machine. Bim machines offer great advantages in terms of meeting the raw material needs of the construction sector in a fast and high quality way.

Bims Üretim Tesisi

Bim machines provide efficiency as they can produce high capacity products in a short time. With machines with advanced technologies, production costs can be reduced by saving energy. In addition, with the capacity to produce stones of different sizes and specifications, the needs of construction projects can be met. Thanks to these facilities, product standards are maintained and stones are produced in equal size and density.

Bims Üretim Tesisi

Modern bim facilities are also known as bim brick factory. These facilities, which can compete with a factory in terms of production capacity, are very easy to use. Especially in automatic machines, there is no need for manpower. Maintenance of the machines can also be done easily. This minimizes machine breakdowns and reduces operating costs.

Produced from durable materials, bim block plants promise long-lasting use even under severe conditions. In addition, they contribute to sustainability with their environmentally friendly production processes. Bim machines increase the quality of the production process thanks to advanced automation and control systems.

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