Concrete Paving Stone

Concrete paving stone is a type of building material that is commonly used in landscaping, paving, and walking paths.These stones are very functional with an aesthetic appearance.

Concrete paving stones come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Different types of stones are obtained by using different molds, thus meeting diverse customers’ needs.

What is Concrete Paving Stone?

A concrete paver is a type of stone used as a ground cover in landscaping. This stone is an artificial product. Therefore, concrete paving stones are available in different sizes and shapes. It is widely used in cities, parks and gardens. Concrete flooring types have many interesting features. The first one is the natural and aesthetic appearance of the paving stones. Another important feature is its functional structure that can be used in many areas.

Concrete paving stones are long-lasting building materials with high resistance to impacts and abrasions that may come from the outside. They are also resistant to rain water. Rainwater is transmitted from the surface of the stone to the lower layers or to the drainage system. All these features make it an important building element of the urban landscape today. Therefore, the use of pavers is increasing day by day.

What is Concrete Paving Stone?
Where to Use Concrete Paver?

Where to Use Concrete Paver?

Concrete pavers are solid stones that can be formed into desired shapes in large manufacturing plants. They are produced using ready-mixed concrete. Today, the areas where paving stones are most preferred are:

  • Parks and gardens: Concrete pavers are used to build roads in open-air areas such as parks and gardens, pedestrian ways and vehicle roads. The integrated form of concrete pavers makes them aesthetically attractive and more solid.
  • In factories or private properties: The pavers can also be used as floor coverings in the gardens of residences and in shipping areas of workplaces. Paving stones with different patterns ensure that the area is clean and solid.

The Features of Concrete Paver

Concrete pavers are an important construction material for city planning and landscaping. Different shapes of paving stones can be produced on the same machine by changing the mold.It takes on a more natural and plain appearance in the areas where it is used. Other features of a concrete paver are as follows:

  • High-strength floors
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Concrete parquets of various shapes can be used to create a variety of patterns on the floor.
  • Resistant to natural factors such as water, sun, frost
  • Easily assembly and disassembly
  • Long-term use
The Features of Concrete Paver

The Advantages of Concrete Paver

Ready-made paving stones are an alternative flooring method to the existing methods used for road and pavement construction. In the past, stones that were shaped by hand were mostly used in parks and social areas. Because production capacity is dependent on manpower, this method costs more and produces less. But thanks to automatic paving stone machines, production can now be done in high amounts at less cost. The following are the other advantages offered by paving stones:

  • Low cost stones
  • Manufacturing in the desired shapes and sizes.
  • Widespread use
  • High strength and resistance
  • Resistant to natural factors
  • Simple and functional use

How is a Concrete Paver Produced?

Paving stones are artificial stones that are produced using a special concrete. They have a certain form and an interlocked design that supports each other. This interlocking design increases solidity. The production of concrete floors takes place through large and powerful construction machines, also called paving stone production plants or paving stone production machines.

For the production of paving stones, first of all, the concrete mortar must be tempered. Concrete mortar consists of crushed small stones (aggregate), cement, and water. The mortar is poured into the molds in the desired form of a paver. After this process, the voids and air bubbles in the mortar are eliminated by means of vibration motors. Thus, the strength of the parquet is increased. Then, the concrete pavers obtained are transported through molds and left to dry.

The Prices of Concrete Paver

The Prices of Concrete Paver

A concrete paver is a type of floor covering with a variety of sizes and shapes.Different shapes can be obtained from different molds. The most used types of concrete pavers today are:

  • Interlocking paver
  • Cube paver
  • Paver tile
  • Honeycomb paver
  • Paving cork
  • Wave paver
  • Terrazzo paver


The prices of concrete pavers vary on the shape and weight of the desired paver as well as the manufacturer.