Concrete Blocks Near Me

Finding concrete blocks near me and using them safely in construction projects is what every construction company wants to have. Finding concrete blocks that meet your needs at the world standard is not that easy.

Concrete blocks of different sizes and shapes provided by GlobMAC are suitable for all entrepreneurs and company owners in search of the concrete block near me at both Turkey standards and the world standards. For those who desire a long-term journey in the sector, GlobMAC offers solutions of concrete block machines with different capacities.

Manufacturer of Concrete Block Near Me and Concrete Block Solutions

For your needs of concrete block near me, it is always better to know the types of blocks manufactured with different materials and to proceed by choosing the type that is suitable for your project. Because blocks are one of the main elements that determine how durable concrete block structures are against various natural phenomena and stress factors.

The materials used in the manufacture of concrete blocks are generally the same. These materials are powder-cement, sand, sand-gravel mixtures called aggregate and water.

How much of these materials will be added into can vary depending on the usage areas.

For more detailed information about the concrete blocks for sale near me, you can contact us and consult our experienced engineers and experts.

Concrete Blocks For Sale Near Me and Prices

The prices of concrete blocks vary depending on various factors. Some of these factors are which materials are used at which rate during production, whether extra chemicals are added, and the size of the blocks.

For example, concrete blocks differ depending on the materials used.

These can be simply categorized as follows:

  • Hollow block
  • Autoclaved concrete
  • Concrete brick
  • Solid concrete block
  • Lintel block
  • Paving stones

Concrete Block Sizes For Sale

While the dimensions of concrete blocks are calculated in centimeters in our country, it is generally calculated in inches worldwide. So, when we talk about standard concrete block sizes, we will give you measurements in inches.

Standard concrete block sizes are as follows in terms of width, length and depth:

  • 2x4x8 inches
  • 2x8x16 inches
  • 3x8x16 inches
  • 4x8x16 inches
  • 6x8x16 inches
  • 6x8x8 inches
  • 8x8x16 inches
  • 8x8x8 inches
  • 8x4x16 inches
  • 10x8x16 inches
  • 10x8x8 inches
  • 12x8x16 inches
  • 12x8x8 inches

Contact us to learn 12x8x16 concrete block prices and concrete block prices depending on other factors.

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