Cinder Block Vs. Concrete Block

In this article, we will talk about cinder block vs. concrete block that are two different structural elements confused with each other. Although their major elements are same, these two structural elements have very different properties.

Cinder block vs concrete block comparison may not be understood at first glance. Although the same materials are used in the construction of the two, there is an extra material in the cinder block. It is included in the composition to perform various functions.

Before looking at the differences, advantages and disadvantages between these two materials, let’s explain cinder block for those who do not know it.

Cinder Block Vs. Concrete Block

The differences between cinder block and concrete block are as follows:

Cinder Block Concrete Block
1 Ash is used as aggregate in the cinder block. In concrete block, ash is used in the construction of wall units.
3 Cinder block is made of concrete and cinder. Concrete block is produced from steel, wood or cement.
4 Cinder block is lighter than concrete blocks. Concrete block is heavier because it contains stone and sand.
5 Cinder block does not have the strength to withstand high pressure. Concrete block is a hard building element with high strength.
6 Since Cinder block is not very flexible, its use is generally prohibited. Concrete block can be used in almost any structure as it is much stronger.
7 Cinder block is used more frequently in small projects such as garden walls. Concrete block is used in more important projects and large construction projects.
8 Cinder block is an old-fashioned building element. Mass production has not been made for nearly 50 years. Concrete block is used more due to its harder structure and other advantages.
9 Cinder block requires a lot of repairs, so its overall cost is higher. Concrete block is less costly since it does not require repair.

What is Cinder Block?

Cinder Block is also made of concrete material. But there is cinder as well inside. In this way, it becomes a much lighter building element.

Both concrete block and cinder block can be strengthen with metal or concrete reinforcement to increase strength. For this purpose, there are open cells in them.

Aims of Cinder Block Walls

Cinder Block is used for the following purposes:

  • As a safety barrier
  • For fixing doors and windows
  • To decorate the wall
  • To differentiate the appearance of structures

Apart from these purposes, cinder block can be used according to the needs of the construction. As it is used for many different purposes, it becomes a suitable choice for construction works, warehouse construction or landscape works.

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