Brick Manufacturing Plant Prices

In this article about brick manufacturing plant prices, we will try to answer some questions such as what types of bricks are, what types of machines should be used to manufacture different types of products according to needs and what the prices of these machines are.

Brick manufacturing plant prices should be carefully researched according to the area of ​​the construction sector in which the person wishing the purchase the machine and the characteristics of the structure. These machines, which have a high price, make a profit if they are used for a long time after being purchased.

What Are The Factors of Brick Manufacturing Plant Prices?

The brick manufacturing plant for sale is priced depending on the brand, model, model release date and technological level of the machine. In addition, the costs of the machines vary according to the amount of bricks they can produce per unit time. From this point of view, it would be more reasonable to minimize the manpower by buying a machine with advanced technology instead of increasing the overall cost by using cheaper the means of production and more manpower intensive.

The machines used for brick making have three different types. These are manual brick manufacturing machine, semi-automatic brick manufacturing machine and fully-automatic brick manufacturing machine. The differences between these types of machine vary according to the level of manual operations. Manual ones are machines operating with the help of electric or motor but removing molds of brick manually. Switching from semi-automatic to automatic reduces manual operations.

In manual machines, although the quantity of bricks produced per unit time varies depending on size of the product, productivity is generally low.

Block Making Machine

What are Bricks Made of?

Before starting to look for the the brick manufacturing plant prices, it is necessary to mention what the brick types are. According to the area in which they are used, they can be listed as follows:

  • TS 704 Blend Bricks (For Walls)
  • TS 705 Factory Bricks – Filled and Vertical Holes for Walls
  • TS 1260 Carrier Slab Bricks (participating in static work)
  • TS 1261 Carrier Slab Bricks (not involved in static work)
  • TS 4562 Factory Bricks – For Walls – Clinker Brick
  • TS 4563 Factory Bricks – For Walls – Horizontal Hole
  • TS 4377 Factory Bricks – For Walls – Vertical Hole, Lightweight
  • TS 562 Ottoman Tiles – Mediterranean Type, Marseille Type
  • TS 3457 Roof Tiles – Eartenware
  • TSEK Hollow Slab Beam Bricks
  • Chimney Bricks
  • Decorative Bricks
  • Slab Bricks
  • Facade Bricks.

So, what are bricks made of? The raw material used to make these products is usually clay. The clay can be found in nature as a powder or rock-like consistency or moist and paste-like consistency. In order to make the clay usable, the coarse particles must be removed and cleaned. After it is shaped and dried, the cooking step proceeds.

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