Brick Machine

Brick Machine

Brick machine is a facility that meets the basic raw material needs of the construction industry. Equipped with the latest technologies, these machines enable the production of high-quality and fast brick blocks. In terms of significant time and labor savings, they contribute to supporting the sector’s development.

Brick machine has resolved transportation issues by being installable in construction areas. Bricks can be used immediately after production, preventing damage during the transportation process and reducing raw material production costs.

For Sale Brick Machine

Brick machines are produced in different models and capacities. To determine the option that suits the needs of the business, it is advisable to gather detailed information about the machines beforehand. These machines come in three different types: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic, each with different capacities and features.

  • Manual Brick Plant: Requires more human power compared to others, suitable for small-scale construction projects, and can produce an average of 1000 lightweight concrete blocks daily.
  • Semi-Automatic Brick Plant: Still requires some human power, suitable for medium-sized projects with a daily production capacity of 6000 lightweight concrete blocks.
  • Automatic Brick Plant: Completely automated production process without the need for human labor. Automatic brick machines with a minimum daily production capacity of 18,000 are suitable for large-scale construction projects.

Considering their capacities, brick production machines can be referred to as a “brick factory.” With these machines, it is possible to produce brick blocks with the same capacity as a factory at the touch of a button, enabling construction projects to be completed quickly. Additionally, by changing the molds, other raw materials such as paving stones, concrete blocks, curbstones, and watermelon stones can be produced.

Brick Machine
Brick Machine

Second-Hand Brick Machine

A brick machine is a significant investment in the construction industry, reducing costs through savings in labor and time. Therefore, investing in a brick machine is an investment in the future of the construction sector.

However, purchasing a second-hand brick machine carries some risks. The maintenance history of these machines is unknown, and they are not covered by a warranty. In case of a malfunction, obtaining warranty support from the manufacturing company may not be possible. Parts of second-hand machines may be worn due to use, leading to difficulties in the production process. For these reasons, investing in a new machine may be more profitable for the business. Companies producing new machines provide support and product guarantees to customers during and after the sales process. GLOBMAC is one such leading company providing post-sales support and product guarantees.

Brick Making Machine

Brick making machines offer significant advantages to the construction industry. These machines provide sustainable production opportunities due to their portability. Additionally, by changing molds, different raw materials such as concrete blocks, paving stones, curbstones, and watermelon stones can be produced.


Especially, lightweight concrete blocks (bims brick) are frequently preferred in the construction sector due to their light weight and strong insulation properties.

The stages of producing bricks with these machines are as follows:

  • Preparation of materials for production (water, cement, aggregate) and pouring them into the machine’s mixing container.
  • Homogeneous mixing of these materials.
  • Pouring the prepared mixture into molds.
  • Pressing and compacting the mixture in the molds.
  • Becoming ready for use after drying.

This on-site production in the construction area eliminates transportation costs and prevents potential losses during transportation. Additionally, it allows for the implementation of environmentally friendly projects, as less damage is done to the environment.

Brick Machine

Brick Making Machine Prices

Companies aiming to undertake large projects in the construction industry closely follow technological developments and invest in fully automatic machines. The prices of these machines can vary depending on the manufacturer, machine features, and capacity.

Choosing a machine considering the sector’s needs and the business’s production capacity would be appropriate. At this point, contacting the manufacturer and requesting information about the features and prices of the machines is recommended.

The use of brick machines is continually increasing worldwide. Businesses seeking to save time and labor are using automatic brick machines to produce thousands of lightweight concrete blocks daily and bring them to the market.

GLOBMAC is a leading company in the sector. Feel free to contact us for information and support.