Wood Frame vs Concrete Block

Wood frame vs concrete block? This is a significant question that may come to mind when starting a new construction project. The factors that cause the problem are the climate conditions, the purpose of the project, and what type of structure to be built. Depending on these factors, it can be decided which one will give more positive result.

Before answering the question “Wood frame vs concrete block?”, it is necessary to give information separately about these two different construction techniques. It is known that concrete blocks are used in most buildings with the development of concrete technologies. Let’s take a look at these two different methods, though.

Wood Frame vs Concrete Block? Which is More Advantageous?

No matter what material is used in construction -wooden frame or concrete block-, it is necessary to have detailed information about the subject. The most accurate information is obtained from civil engineers or architects. Nevertheless, let’s try to resolve the confusion by making a mind-opening comparison for the question of wood frame vs concrete block?”.

Disadvantages of Wooden Frame Construction

Constructing a building using a wooden frame is a technique that has been used for hundreds of years. Of course, it has advanced and gained more durable properties over time. Although it has an important advantage that its construction is done quickly and easily, it has some disadvantages that challenge engineers.

  • It increases the cost. The biggest handicap of wood is that it needs additional strengthening materials. For example, while making it resistant to natural disasters, the current cost increases by about 30%.
  • It increases the fire Wood is a building material that burns easily and allows the spread of fire. Therefore, extra protective materials must be added while building the frame of the structure.
  • It is vulnerable to insects. Wood creates an ideal environment especially for termites and other pests. When they multiply inside the wooden structure, the durability of the building can be greatly reduced. So it is necessary to use protective equipment. However, there may be a problem after the construction is finished.
  • It has not a good Sound and heat insulation of wood is not good. In order to achieve good insulation, additions must be appended into the wall cavities.

Advantages of Concrete Block Construction

  • It provides energy efficiency. Buildings constructed with concrete blocks provide 35% less energy consumption than wooden framed buildings.
  • Thanks to its high thermal mass, it absorbs heat and keeps the temperature inside the building at a certain level.
  • The sound insulation is good.
  • The air quality of the interior is always healthier since it has not the volatile substances inside like wooden framed structures.
  • Concrete block is a strong and high-strength building Thus, they are resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes.
  • Concrete block structures do not create a suitable living environment for termites and pests as in wooden structures.

As can be seen, there are many factors making the difference between concrete blocks vs. wooden frame cost. In addition, it is necessary to mention that wooden structures require regular maintenance in order to last longer.

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