KB 20

KB 20 Full-Automatic and Semi Automatic interlock concrete block and curbstone making facility

KB 20 Tam Otomatik ve Yarı Otomatik Bordür Beton Parke ve Briket Üretim Tesisi

KB20 Concrete paver and block making machine has 110-130 pieces woodeen pallets per press per hour production capacity.

The machine can produce interlock paver , road bordure , block arc etc.

The production is made on wooden pallets .

All motions on the machine provided by an hydraulic system.

Movements on system will be controlled by PLC automation system by sensors in automatic machine. Machine press number unit of productions ,problems on the machine can be seen on the plc touchscreen panel.


• Machine Operation System
Full Automatic PLC Controlled or Semi-Automatic System KB-20

• Machine Production Capacity
110-130 Pallets perhour

• Machine Weight
12 tons

• Pumping Capacity
96 lt 64 cc 45 lt 30 cc 45 KW

• Hydraulic Oil Capacity
850 lt

• Bunker Capacity
1400 dm3

• Machine Dimensions

• Upper Vibration Capacity
1.75 kw x 1

• Lower Vibration Capacity
3 kw x 4

• Total Capacity Usage
75 kw

• Minimum Product Height
5 cm

• Maximum Product Height
35 cm

• Vibration Cooling Capacity
5.500 m3/hour

• Vibration Force
21.000 kg

• Pressing Capacity
Interlocking paving stone 2.400pcs/ 8 hours 570m2 Block 1.000 pcs / 1 hour

• Number of Products on a Pallet
20 pcs interlocking paving stones, 8 blocks 20x40x20

• Wooden Pallet Dimensions
92x92x40 Footless 92x92x40 Lath Footed 100x92x40 (23 cm Profile Footed] Robot Piling System

• Mixer Capacity
250 dm3 or 500 dm3

• Ag gregate Conveyor Belt
7 m3 kw for manual machine

• Mortar Conveyor Belt
7 m3 kw for manual machine

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