Electrical Cable Stone

Electrical Cable Stone

Electrical cable stone is a highly functional material used for the protection of electricity, telephone or internet cables passing underground. Although the productions can be customized according to the demands, the thickness of 20x40x5 cm is generally preferred.

Electrical cable stone ? Some cables, such as the electric cable, are laid underground. Excavations are carried out from time to time with construction equipment in different regions. In the meantime, if an underground electricity or internet cable breaks, it will cause disruption of services in the region. Today, electricity and internet are among the basic needs. Many medical devices also work with electricity. Therefore, it is vital that the cables are not damaged during these works. A cable stone can be placed over underground cables, preventing them from being damaged.

Electrical Cable Stone Prices

What is a cable stone? Cable stones are generally produced using pumice . Pumice, also known as pumice stone, is a very durable and light building material. Thanks to these features, it is frequently used in the building and construction sectors. The prices of electric stones, also called pumice bricks ;

  • The material preferred in the production of the stone,
  • the dimensions of the material,
  • to product quality,
  • The number of orders placed,
  • Delivery and shipping costs
Electrical Cable Stone
Electrical Cable Stone

It may vary depending. However, there are some advantages to mass production of these stones instead of purchasing them. In this way, a production facility can both meet its own needs and generate income by selling the products. For this purpose, durable machines with high production capacities should be preferred.

Pars series devices, presented to the world by Globmac, stand out with their innovative technologies and high production volumes. The machines, which can be operated fully automatically, function as a stand-alone production facility. Thus, the need for human labor is eliminated.

  • PARS 12
  • PARS 18

You can contact us to get more information about our models and to request an order.

What is Electric Stone?

Cables running under the ground or the ground; It is very important in meeting very basic needs such as internet, telephone or electricity. In order to prevent these cables from being damaged, marker stones are laid near the place where the cables pass. The placement of these stones can be done very easily.

electrical cable transportation process, first of all, cable protection bricks or stones are encountered underground. So, what material are electric stones made of? It stands out that pumice material is preferred more due to reasons such as being economical and durable. These stones can be produced in the form of bricks, plates or guides.

Cable brick prices vary depending on how the material is produced or obtained. There may be differences in this respect between purchasing and producing. Thanks to our Pars and KB series machines ; You can produce many materials such as concrete block, pumice, briquette, rain gutter, key paving stone.

Elektrik Kablo Taşı

Cable Plate Stone

In order to protect the underground cables, stones are placed according to certain criteria. For example, stones produced from pumice material are used as 5 pieces per cubic meter. However, if the material preference will be for cable brick, this time 10 products will be needed. Pumice electric stones laid along the underground cable channel ;

  • It is not affected by the electric current in the cable.
  • It is earthquake resistant.
  • It does not burn or heat easily.
  • It is an economical material.
  • It is environmentally friendly.

Underground cables are not laid directly in the ground. In this way, the life of incorrectly placed cables is also short. Because chemicals in the soil can damage the cable. During laying, insulation materials such as pumice plate are generally used.