Concrete Paver Machines

Concrete paver machines; These are large-scale machines in which products such as paving , paving stones and concrete blocks are produced. Paving stones are needed to make social areas such as roads, pavements and parks have a more useful and stylish appearance. The machines that produce these parquet or concrete stones are also called parquet production facilities .

Concrete paver machines makes a mixture of sand, water and cement in certain proportions. Then it brings these components together in certain proportions. Parquet is produced from concrete mortar, which is compressed and shaped in a mold.

Parquet Machine

Cities where people live together should have a good view in terms of transportation and landscape. At the same time, it should be ensured that the roads and sidewalks in the city are in a certain order in order for the social areas to be useful. Likewise, the pavements should be suitable for walking and in harmony with the city and the environment. One of the important elements of landscaping that affects the appearance of a city is roads and pavements. High-level roads in terms of shape, structure and functionality also affect people’s standard of living. Therefore, it is very important to use quality parquet for the design of roads.

The cobblestone production phase first begins with the obtaining of the concrete required for parquet construction. The machine can have a single bucket or double bucket system. The concrete, the content of which is prepared according to the type of parquet to be produced, is poured into the mold called the cobblestone mold. Ready-mixed concrete poured into the mold is thoroughly mixed with the vibration system. Thus, it is ensured that it is fully placed in the mold without gaps. Then, the concrete pressed using a hydraulic press is now completely brought into the desired shape. Thus, parquet is obtained. By changing the molds of concrete paver machines, different products such as key paving stone, curb stone, rain gutter, grass stone can be obtained.

Parquet machines are also an important element of this process. Because; paving stones can only be produced using a quality paving machine. The types of parquet machines may vary according to their models. There are parquet machines with three different features. These; manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models.

Beton Parke Makinası
Beton Parke Makinası

Parquet Machine Types

When choosing a parquet machine, you must first decide on the amount of production in your projects and when you will produce it. Although there are alternative models in the market as of now, it is possible to examine the types of fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual parquet machines in general.

“Full Automatic Parquet Machine”

  • It has the feature of working 24 hours
  • It has the feature of making continuous mass production.
  • It can produce fast and high quality
  • It has the feature of producing 10000 – 12000 pieces of paving stone by working for an average of 8 hours.
  • Preferred by companies with high production levels
  • No need for manpower

“Semi-Automatic Parquet Machine”

  • Mixer, conveyor belt, machine trio are the facilities that come together.
  • Optionally, bunker and cement silo can be added to the facility as needed.
  • It is controlled by hydraulic arms and pistons.
  • The resulting products are sent to dry using custom-made wheelbarrows.
  • Requires little manpower

Brick making machinery

“Manual Parquet Machine”

  • Manpower is required when using
  • It is suitable for use in small businesses and small towns
  • It produces 800-1,000 briquettes by working 8 hours on average.
  • Usage areas are generally preferred in places where the cost of manpower is cheap.
  • It can be preferred for newly established businesses and businesses that are not intensive in production.


  • KB12 QUICK MASTER Concrete Parquet and Briquette Production Plant
  • KB25 QUICK MASTER Automatic Concrete Paving and Briquette Machine
  • KB36 QUICK MASTER Automatic Concrete Parquet and Briquette Factory
  • KB42 QUICK MASTER Automatic Concrete Parquet and Briquette Factory

You can contact us for detailed information about the technical specifications and production capacities of the machines.

Concrete Paver Machines Price

Concrete paving machines are also known as concrete block or paving stone machines. These machines are machines that can produce different structural elements from the prepared special mortar. With these large-scale production machines, stones with different properties can be obtained. The stones that can be obtained with the cobblestone machine are as follows; Interlocking paving stone, Briquette, Curbstone, Concrete block, Hollow stone, Rain gutter, Slope stone.

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