Cable Stone Machine

Cable Stone Machine

Cable stone machine is a product that performs mass production of stones used to protect cables passing underground. Thanks to these high-tech machines, high-volume mass productions can be realized.

Cable stone machine features; It should be designed to deliver high production performance with the least possible labor force. Cable stone machines; It can produce many materials, especially pumice , concrete block, briquette. Thanks to these stones, for example, an underground fiber optic cable line can be maintained. Cables that transmit electricity can also be protected in the same way. Needs such as electricity, telephone and internet are among the sine qua non in today’s world. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure the continuity of these services.

Cable Stone Machine Prices

A cable block production machine is a state-of-the-art production facility with advanced automation systems. Materials such as pumice and briquettes produced by these machines are frequently used in the building and construction sectors.

To protect a material such as a power cord , a product with various standards should be used. This product must be of such a nature that it will not be damaged under the ground or the ground. It must be durable and not affected by the electric current in the cable. Materials such as pumice and concrete blocks , also known as pumice , meet the listed features. Bims , which is increasingly preferred today , stands out with its following features.

  • It has high resistance to earthquakes and various shocks.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It is light and economical.
  • It does not heat up easily and does not burn.
Cable Stone Machine

Cable Stone

You can meet the needs of your business by producing cable stones, and you can also generate income by making sales to different companies. With the Pars series machines put into service by Globmac , you can perform your cable stone production fully automatically. Thus, you do not need human labor. You can contact us to get up-to-date price information about our machines equipped with innovative technologies.

Cable Stone Machine

Underground Cable Laying

Underground cables are placed on solid-based and stone-free floors. The cable is not directly contacted with the ground. Because some chemicals in the soil can cause damage to the cable over time. After the ground is opened, sand is spread around. Electric or internet cables run along this sand to form folds.

A layer of sand with a thickness of about 10 cm is added on the installed cables. This new layer is created to cool the cable. Various shields must be added between low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) cables. Thus, it is aimed that the excavating workers will notice the cable earlier. A warning strip is placed 30 cm above the protective brick or stone. The strips must be at least 10 cm wide.

Cable Stone Properties

The properties of cable stones are directly proportional to the raw material from which they are produced. These stones can be produced using materials such as pumice , concrete blocks, and briquettes. Although the dimensions of the stones can be adjusted according to the needs, generally 20x40x5 cm sizes are produced.

The most basic function expected from a cable stone is to protect the cable. While doing this, it should not be damaged by various conditions. These include heat and current resistance. So how many cable stones are used per 1 cubic meter?

Pumice cable stones/bricks are placed as 5 pieces per cubic meter due to their structure and dimensions. Concrete bricks, on the other hand, are usually laid at 10 per cubic meter. Installing the cable casing bricks is a relatively easy process.