Cable Marker Stone


Cable marker stone is a product that is mostly manufactured using pumice material and serves to protect cables passing underground. National and international standards should be taken into account in its production. Thus, the cables can reach a high level of protection in the safest way.

the cable marker stone do? Electricity, internet or telephone cables running underground; It is extremely important for the provision of the aforementioned services. Damage to these cables during various excavations or surveys may lead to disruption of basic services. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to specify the location of the laid cables and protect them . Products such as cable plate stone or cable stone are also used for this purpose.

Cable Marker Stone

What is Cable Marker Stone?

Cable markers indicate that the cable line passes through, which should not be damaged in the excavated area. When a machine driver digs and clears the ground, he first comes across not the cables, but the cable stone and various warning indicators. Thus, he realizes that he has to act more carefully and that a cable line passes through that area.

Cable markers are also known as cable bricks. Cable brick is manufactured using pumice or concrete material. There are various standards of TEDAŞ and CE for cable housing. Accordingly, a fiber optic cable or electrical cable, It can be protected with pumice or concrete materials.

How are underground cables laid? Cables can be laid on solid and stone-free areas. The cables are placed on the sand in such a way that they bend to the left or right. On top of this layer, sifted sand with a thickness of about 10 cm is added again. The purpose of creating a new sand layer is to prevent the cable from overheating.

Cable Brick Prices

Cable stone or brick stands out as highly functional materials. The benefits obtained through these products outweigh the costs. Cable stones are used for the continuity of the services provided and for the safety of the personnel excavating in the area.

A warning strip should be placed about 30 cm above the cable protection stones. This strip should be at least 10 cm wide. Low and medium voltage cables should be placed one above the other. Medium voltage cable at the bottom; the low voltage cable should be at the top. Underground cable brick prices ;

  • From the number of orders placed,
  • dimensions/ size of the material ,
  • What material the product is made of,
  • from delivery or shipping costs
Cable Marker Stone

Cable Stone

It can be affected. Instead of buying these products, it is possible to have innovative machines that can produce them. Thanks to the mass production to be realized, both the needs are met and the material is sold. Thanks to the Pars series machines produced by Globmac , you can quickly produce concrete blocks, pumice or briquettes.

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Electrical Cable Stone

How to Use a Cable Stone?

The way of use of cable stones may vary according to the region where they will be placed or the raw material of the stone. For example , it is sufficient to use the stones produced using pumice , also known as pumice , at a rate of 5 per cubic meter . For concrete cable bricks, it is recommended that this number be 10. Bims cable stones;

  • to be economical,
  • Being earthquake resistant,
  • Although it is light, it has a solid structure,
  • Being environmentally friendly,
  • Does not get hot easily
  • Not affected by the current in the cable

Some of its features, which we can list as, are among the factors that make pumice material stand out. Cable stones are used with various warning signs or plates .